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Susan Miles of Maple Hill Goat Milk SoapSusan Miles. Owner, goat farmer and soapmaker at Maple Hill Soap on Whidbey Island

I started making goat-milk soap as a way to help my friends and family who suffer from eczema and dry skin. With my chemistry background, I was drawn to soapmaking.

I handcraft this soap, using farm-fresh goat milk from my own Alpine dairy goats here on South Whidbey. Did you know goat milk has natural emollients which moisturize your skin?  It is also loaded with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. All of my soaps are hard, sudsy, long-lasting, and great for sensitive skin!

I live in  Freeland Washington,  on the south end of Whidbey Island, with my husband, Steve,  and our two great little boys. We love the relaxed, rural  lifestyle of our beautiful island – and being so close to  the water at all times. Whidbey Island’s strong community  spirit is an important part of our lives.  We currently have  two cool dogs, three great cats, a few sheep, turkeys, and four Alpine dairy goats (plus a Boer buck). We originally  bought dairy goats as a way to make our own goat cheese. It didn’t  take long to have more milk and cheese than we can drink, eat  and give away.

Maple Hill Goat Milk Soaps are either unscented or scented with beneficial essential oils and/or fine fragrances. Using only high-quality vegetable oils including olive, coconut, palm, palm kernel and castor, all our soaps also contain skin- nourishing shea or cocoa butter. The natural glycerin from the soap-making process is retained, allowing it to moisturize your skin every time you wash. Once you try Maple Hill Soap, you’ll never go back to commercial soap again! We also use gentle, natural exfoliants like oatmeal, lemonpeel or pumice. We have a soap for everybody!


Maple Hill Goat Milk Soap

Maple Hill Soap uses farm-fresh goat milk from our own goats here on Whidbey Island, Washington. Goat milk has natural emollients which moisturize your skin. It is also loaded with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Goat-milk soap can help relieve symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.
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Soap of the month club

How would you like Maple Hill Goat Milk Soap delivered to your door every month? Depending on the time of year you might receive Lovely Lilac, Coconut Lime, Northwest Forest or Apple Jack. Options and details will be coming soon. Let us know what your favorite scents would be by sending in your testimonial here!

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